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Help Your Child Thrive with Musical Games
£27.00 5 Sections 14 Lessons

Autism Music Academy 

A step-by-step strategic interventions system with music to effectively support your neurodiverse child - right NOW - to become more confident, communicate better, boost speech and language and release anxiety.

Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed and left wondering whether they should be doing more to nurture their autistic child's mindset and development but what you tried didn't work?

Are you a parent who is looking to support their autistic children improve their speech, encourage communication, boost their confidence, release anxiety and increase their wellbeing?

Are you a professional who is aware of the amazing mental and psychological role of singing nursery rhymes, but you feel stuck to only 2-3 of them and are so excited to learn some new musical games to use in your practise and achieve positive results with the autistic children you are working with?

In this course you will learn:

  • how to effectively and efficiently use musical games to go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and doubting yourself to feeling self-confident and motivated to support your autistic child thrive;
  • use music as a tool to recover quickly from meltdowns;
  • use music to help with daily routines to go smoothly;
  • use progressive songs to encourage communication and boost speech and language
  • learn how to use musical games to increase confidence.