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Modern, fun and engaging singing and instrument lessons for children aged 2-11

Free Online sessions!!!

During the lockdown, we decided to offer free online sessions for your children.

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Fun learning for your child aged 2 and over teaching them how to play their favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

Music and Singing Lessons

Music has never been so much fun! Colourful resources, variety of musical instruments and songs for your child to experiment with.

Nurseries and Schools

We can come in your setting to deliver music and instruments lessons for children aged 2-11. Get in touch for booking your free trial.

Welcome to Sing Create Play!

I was a teacher working in nurseries and primary schools for over 20 years. I taught drama, music and guitar to children of all ages. After that, I realised I would like to continue my work from the comfort of my own home.

Music is using the three learning styles to develop a variety of skills in children. To clarify, music alone is auditory, music along with pictures and words is visual, and music combined with actions, playing instruments and dance is kinesthetic.

To sum up, when we learn, our neurons are stimulated to grow, more connections are made and your brain sparkles like fireworks! For instance, watch this TED talk to understand the positive effect of music on children’s and adults’ brains.


What we have been doing...

Sleeping Beauty Song

Hello my friends! I know there are debates if we should read fairy tales to children or not and probably each one of you has got your own reasons. I love stories and I’m gonna Read more…

4 Little Snowmen

Hello my friends! In this song we will practice counting down from 4 to 0, while expressing sadness for each  melted snowman, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh poor them! Nursery rhyme characters experience many different emotions. This can help children identify Read more…

Guitar Teacher

Fun learning for you child aged 2 and over teaching them how to play their favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

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