Bella Ely

Bella Ely 

Bella is the founder of Sing Create Play and throughout her 20 years’ experience as a teacher, it has become obvious to Bella that music has the power to help children physically, mentally and emotionally. Bella teaches social-emotion regulation skills and music to children of all ages and in her lessons. She has a particularly focus on teaching the guitar and ukulele.  

Bella broadens and deepens the experience of learning music by adding extra dimensions to reach and accommodate every learning style. By incorporating auditory, visual and action based activities alongside music, your child’s brain is stimulated to create more pathways in their neural network and the experience becomes richer, much more life-enhancing. By facilitating children to immerse themselves in their learning in a way that feels safe to them and enables them to discover who they are, to understand and express their feelings in a healthy way and to relax and enjoy the feelings that serve them, while letting go of those that don’t. 

Bella is passionate about sharing these benefits by making her lessons accessible to as many children as possible. Outschool enables Bella to do this, her curriculum is written for specific age groups of children and is inclusive for every child. Children love to play and to have a safe space to explore their abilities. In the classes they are supported to create rhythms, develop patterns, and coincidentally, to learn a new instrument through story-based lessons, these stories are be based on each child’s own interests so they feel invested, engaged and ultimately, proud of their work. Crucially, they will have fun and blossom as their confidence grows. The aim is to not simply teach music, but to initiate and develop a love for music that they will carry with them for their whole lives.  

The classes are small, each child has the space to express themselves, to talk and listen to others, and to grow. 


As well as her first degree in teaching (1999), Bella also hold a second degree in Social Work (2004) and a Level 3 Diploma in Child Psychology (2019).  

As part of her professional development Bella has completed the following courses: 

​​✨ Understanding Behaviour as Communication: A Therapeutic Approach 2023​ 

​​✨ Tips & Tools to Manage Anger 2022​ 

​​✨ Understanding Autism 2021 ​ 

​​✨ Mindfulness for Daily Living 2019​ 

​​✨ Understanding Anxiety 2019​ 

​​✨ Behaviour Management (in classroom) 2015​ 

​​✨ NLP Diploma in Life Coaching 2014​ 

​​✨ Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers (2014)​ 

Bella is qualified on a personal level as well, with real-life experience and understanding of living with additional needs. Her beautiful daughter is autistic, they learn from each other every day, her husband is dyslexic and Bella herself has ADHD. This experience is a constant source of information and inspiration, keeping Bella on her toes and fuelling a passion for providing the best learning environment for each learner. 


Director of Operations

Mark Ely

Mark Ely 

Mark is a founding partner of the Sing Create Play team since it began in 2014. 

Mark’s life has always involved working with children as his parents were active foster carers. He has a natural affinity with young people, especially those with social and emotional needs. He worked with youth groups including the cadet sailing club as well as a Ceroc dancing group. Mark is a seasoned trainer with many years’ experience home educating his neurodivergent daughter. 

In his online classes, Mark is providing caring and nurturing support, a safe place for children to grow their confidence, and practise their social skills. He uses story-telling, mindfulness practise, positive affirmations and music as vehicles for the children to learn emotional regulation skills and flourish. His talent for story-telling, and for understanding the emotional needs of all of the children he encounters is an asset that will bring so much joy and emotional support to each and every learner. Mark is a compassionate, caring husband of Bella who has ADHD, he is also the main carer for their autistic daughter. This in depth, personal experience equips him with a unique insight into the most effective ways to reach and support children. 

Inspired by a comprehensive understanding of his autistic daughter, as well as her many neurodivergent friends, Mark devoted himself to further study, to equip him to support them in the most effective way to fulfil their potential. Mark completed relevant training courses that enhance his abilities to provide social emotional classes for children of all ages. These classes have enhanced his skills and equipped him with proven strategies to help children to manage emotions, and to support their wellbeing with techniques including mindfulness and guided meditations. His experience and qualifications combine to create a specialist offering that will benefit many children.  


✨ Safeguarding Children Training on 19/05/2022 

✨ Navigating the SEND World on 27/09/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools to Manage Everyday Change (Transitions) Workshop on 31/10/2022 

✨ Understanding Self-Harm Workshop on 31/10/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools to Manage Anger Workshop on 04/11/2022 

✨ Making Sense of Voices (2 days) on 09/11/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools to Manage Sensory Differences on 11/11/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools to Manage Anxiety on 18/11/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools for Positive Behaviour on 21/11/2022 

✨ Talking ASD & ADHD: Anxiety and Stress on 23/11/2022 

✨ Tips & Tools to Support Social Skills on 28/11/2022 

✨ 'In the Moment' course on 28/11/2022  

✨ Talking ASD and ADHD:Responding to Anger on 07/12/2022 

✨ Assertive communication skills Workshop (3 days) on 14/12/2022 

✨ Talking ASD & ADHD: Anxiety and Stress on 10/01/2023 

✨ Understanding personal recovery session on 12/01/2023 

✨ Talking ASD and ADHD: Responding to Anger on 16/01/2023 

✨ Anger and Conflict Workshop on 17/01/2023 

✨ Acceptance and recovery on 19/01/2023 

✨ Thinking holistically about wellbeing and wellness Session on 24/01/2023 

✨ Attendance Certificate for Understanding Depression on 25/01/2023 

✨ Attendance Certificate for Understanding Stress on 26/01/2023 

✨ Anxiety and SEND Workshop on 27/01/2023 

✨ Talking ASD & ADHD: Anxiety and Stress on 22/02/2023 

✨ Understanding Behaviour as Communication: A Therapeutic Approach on 24/02/2023 

✨ Talking ASD and ADHD: Tech Use on 27/02/2023 

✨ Art Journaling to support mental health (3 days) on 02/03/2023 

✨ TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism 



Sarah Geenens

Sarah Geenens 

Sarah has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Psychology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development. Her experience as a teacher at a private school for 4 years has given insight for all ages and learning styles she may encounter. Sarah has had the privilege of taking on many roles such as Third Grade Teacher, Music and Art Teacher, Reading Interventionist, and much more. Over the years, Sarah's main passion has remained teaching children the value of creativity and self-expression through mastering their musical instruments and finding their voice.

Being a mother of three young children as well as a teacher has given Sarah many of the skills and patience required for being a compassionate and welcoming teacher to any child. Her background in Psychology and Sociology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development have equipped her with the tools she puts into practice daily in her work life and social life with her own children.

Sarah has worked with children with various learning styles such as dyslexia, ADD, and selective mutism to name a few. Her experiences have driven her to deepen her knowledge of diversity and the best ways to connect with students who learn differently. Sarah has shown her natural ability to care and connect with children of all ages and abilities. She has worked with young people online and in person and has directed ensembles, choirs and has also organized/directed several Christmas Programs. Sarah has been singing for 21 years, playing piano for 11 years, ukulele for 9 years, and guitar for 7 years.


Bachelor's Degree from Benedictine College in Sociology and Psychology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development (2018)



Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell

Passionate about music education and dedicated to shaping the musical journeys of students, Katie Campbell is a lifelong learner and professional teacher with a wealth of experience. Over the course of her career, Katie has cultivated a deep understanding of the transformative power of music, making it not just a subject of study but a catalyst for physical, mental, and emotional growth.

Katie’s foundation in music education includes a Bachelor's degree from the University of WI-Whitewater, specializing in K-12 General Music and 6-12 Choral Education. Katie taught elementary music with choir, guitar, ukulele and more for 16 years throughout Alaska, Nevada and Wisconsin. Katie has consistently gone beyond the traditional classroom setting. Her commitment to enriching experiences is evident in the extra activities she organized, including choir, musical theater, and a showcase of student skills in two school-wide concerts each year.

Katie is driven by an unwavering passion for student growth and support, a commitment that has evolved and deepened over her years of teaching and diverse experiences. Throughout her journey of educational settings, Katie has been dedicated to expanding her toolbox to effectively serve and uplift learners of all backgrounds and abilities. Katie's holistic approach ensures that her students not only excel in music but also grow as confident, empathetic individuals equipped with the skills to navigate the complexities of life.


✨ Bachelor’s Degree specializing in K-12 General Music and 6-12 Choral Education

✨ Social & Emotional Learning in Music Education (2021)

✨ A Complete Guide to Playing & Teaching Ukulele (2020)

✨ Culturally Responsive Teaching (2010)

✨ Yoga for Teacher’s and Students, Level 1 (2011)

✨ Using Children’s LIterature in the Music Classroom (2011)

✨ Orff Action: Enegerize Your Music Classroom (2011)

✨ Orff Action: Groove Through the Year (2012)

✨ Dalcroze Eurhhythmics and Music (2012)

✨ Currently in a graduate program in Instructional Design & Learning Technology at the University of WI-Whitewater.



Soumya Karkera

Soumya Karkera

With over 15 years of dedicated experience, Soumya Karkera is a seasoned family coach and social worker, specializing in guiding individuals, parents, and families through life's myriad challenges. Holding a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Economics, and Home Science, alongside a Master's degree in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Soumya has honed her expertise in family and child welfare, mental health, and systemic family approaches.

Drawing from a rich background in family science, mediation, and restorative practices, Soumya approaches coaching with a client-centered and collaborative ethos. Committed to a holistic approach that promotes positive growth within individuals and family units, Soumya brings a wealth of professional insight and empathy to her practice.

With international experience spanning primary and secondary schools in two countries, Soumya has dedicated herself to guiding children through the most challenging phases of their lives. Her passion lies in empowering children and young people, fostering confidence and resilience. Specializing in creating supportive, mentoring relationships, Soumya employs practical, solution-focused life coaching tools. Her goal is to equip children and young individuals with the skills to become their own coaches, fostering independence and celebrating individual identities.

As a parent for 13 years, Soumya brings a unique understanding of family dynamics to her coaching practice. Her big vision is to contribute to the development of self-reliant and resilient individuals who can navigate life's challenges with confidence and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Since 2021, Soumya transitioned to providing independent support services, catering to children aged 8 to 25 globally. She attentively addresses developmental issues, growing-up challenges, and transitions, offering both online and in-person assistance to navigate difficulties and find direction for moving forward.


✨ Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Economics, and Home Science

✨ Master's degree in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Social and Organisational Psychology

✨ Family and Child welfare, Family Life Education, Counseling

✨ Family Constellation- 2023

✨ Emotional Literacy and Emotion Coaching - 2018

✨ Building and repairing relationships, Restorative approaches - 2017

✨ Building Resilience using CBT with Children and Young People - 2016

✨ Mediation Skills - 2009

✨ Solution Focussed Brief Therapy - 2007



Meribeth Heitbrink

Meribeth Heitbrink

Meribeth holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from Marquette University. She also has as an extensive background in education over the last decade. She has taught all general subject areas, including STEM, to children in a general education setting from grades K-8 in various states, including Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Illinois and Wisconsin. She even taught for a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa to students with a language barrier!

Her experience as an educator in the classroom has allowed her to learn and experience a variety of ways to help the whole child, especially in regards to social emotional learning. She has experience working with children from all walks of life, including those with a variety of learning styles that include, but are not limited to ADHD, GAD, Autism, ODD and Dyslexia.

Meribeth has a true passion for SEL, and has always found a way to incorporate it into her classroom on a daily basis. She firmly believes that in order for children to be successful, SEL is a crucial area to make a habit of making time for each day in order for children to be the best version of themselves. As a mother of a preteen and toddler, she knows how important it is for children to be able to regulate their emotions both at school and at home, while also feeling loved and cared for. She is passionate about this work not only for her own children, but other children as well. Her belief in cultivating these positive relationships with children, is key for them to feel engaged and valued during her classes while also honing in on SEL skills that can benefit children of all ages!


✨ Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University in Elementary Education (K-8) and Psychology (2014)

✨ Trained in and/or Professional Development on: Responsive Classroom (2014), Emotional Trauma (2017), Growth Mindset (2018), Leader in Me (2018), PBIS (2019), SEL (2019), Trauma and/or Poverty impacted students (2019), Cooperative Learning (2019)


Executive Virtual Assistant

Aim Matawaran

Aim Matawaran 

Meet Aim, the dedicated individual behind Sing Create Play. As the Executive Virtual Assistant at Sing Create Play, Aim embodies the values of commitment and passion. Aim's journey unfolds as an Executive Virtual Assistant, orchestrating efficiency and organization to drive forward in the dynamic corporate landscape.

In perfect harmony with the role of an executive assistant, Aim's heart also beats to the rhythm of music education. With over a decade of experience as a Music Educator, Aim has been an inspirational force, imparting knowledge and nurturing talent in voice, piano, and guitar. Aim's teaching philosophy creates a welcoming space that encourages students of all ages to explore their musical potential and find joy in their artistic journey.

In 2020, Aim embarked on an enriching new chapter, embracing the role of a dedicated Special Education (SPED) Music Teacher. This experience reinforced Aim's commitment to inclusivity, offering tailored music education with adaptive methods that cater to individuals of diverse abilities. Aim is a firm believer in the transformative power of music and is resolute in making it accessible to all.

What sets Aim apart is the harmonious blend of Executive Virtual Assistance and Music Education. This fusion equips Aim with a diverse skill set and a fresh outlook, enabling effective problem-solving and innovative approaches. Aim's passion for these disciplines shines through in the outstanding results achieved, always tailored to the unique demands of each endeavor.


 Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Education, University of Santo Tomas (2009-2014)

 Applied Behavior Analysis, RBT Training (2020)

 Social Media Management Course, Virtual Work PH (2023)

 General Virtual Assistant Course, Virtual Work PH (2023)

 Virtual Executive Assistance Course, Virtual Work PH (2023)

 Basic Wordpress Course, Virtual Work PH (2023)

 Virtual Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content, University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Online (2023)

 Singing Popular Music, Berklee Online (2023)

 Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom, Berklee Online (2023)



Virtual Assistant

Meghan Laskos

Meghan Laskos 

Meghan is our a Virtual Assistant who is passionate about creative arts and the emotional well-being of kids. Using her creativity to help with visual advertisements, organizing class descriptions, and administrative tasks. Meghan has a background in dance, she appreciates how important it is for all people to have their own space to sing, create, and play. Music has played a huge role in her life since birth and Meghan brings a new perspective to the Sing Create Play team as an experiance Dance Choreographer/Instructor.

Music runs in the family. Meghan’s dad, brother, and husband are all guitar players as well as other instruments and singing. Music has always been a large part of Meghan's life and in addition to music surrounding her at home, she also has danced for most of her life. She now is an in-person and online dance teacher. Teaching all ages and styles of dance is her passion! Dance is an inclusive art and that is what makes it so special to her. 

Meghan has 20+ years of teaching dance to all ages all over the Mid-West United States. Her love of dance & the arts began at the age of 2 and continues to grow throughout her adult life and is excited to continue her online teaching/administrative journey using her creativity for the betterment of childrens well-being.


 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Business, & Dance from Central Michigan University (2007)