Hello Families and hello learners!

Welcome to Sing Create Play

We are an original educational organization dedicated to providing top-quality music education and social-emotional learning to young children. 

With a keen understanding that learning cannot happen without a happy, relaxed, and confident mindset, we have developed a music curriculum designed for learners as young as 3 years old that addresses both the musical and emotional needs of our students. In addition to that, our social-emotional curriculum teaches children strategies, tools and techniques to understand and manage their emotions.

Would you like your child to become more confident, have a high self-esteem and a positive attitude towards life-challenges? You’re in the right place! Our team of dedicated educators is committed to inclusivity, to nurturing a growth mindset and supporting children in their wandering of self-exploration. We build on children’s curiosity, their love for music, we help them find their true self, express their feelings in a safe way, and increase their confidence. Join us now, on this incredible journey of self-discovery, creativity and personal growth! Be the best of you, today! Shine Brightly!