Hello, my dear friends!


From the earliest stages of childhood, children can find joy in rhymes and songs that involve playful actions. Action rhymes, whether they engage the entire body or focus on finger and hand movements, offer an additional layer of engagement. They not only enhance memorability but also contribute to the rhythmic and experiential quality of the activity, creating a fun bonding moment for all.


'2 Little Hands' is a delightful and simple song designed to help children understand the functions of different body parts. Whether you choose to sing it as is or add a few extra features, the versatility of this song makes it suitable for various age ranges. Moreover, it reinforces the positive use of these body parts, reminding children that hands are for clapping, not hitting, and arms are for hugging, not pushing.


For example, you can introduce:


One little heart (point to your heart)

To beat, beat, beat (gentle tap on your left chest side)

Beat, beat, beat,

Beat, bear beat.

One little brain (point to your brain)

To think, think, think

Think, think, think,

Think, think, think,

And so on.



Embrace the joy of learning and togetherness with '2 Little Hands.' This engaging song not only offers educational value but also creates precious moments of connection. As you explore the functions of different body parts through playful actions, you'll witness the magic of understanding and bonding unfolding before your eyes.

So, gear up for a playful journey of exploration and education. '2 Little Hands' is your guide to learning and laughter!