Join us in this heartwarming podcast episode, originally from an Instagram Live on Sing Create Play, as my dear friend LaShelle shares the incredible benefits of embracing music and learning to play a musical instrument. LaShelle's daughter, Mimi, is a young music enthusiast who's already mastered the drums, ukulele, and guitar, with dreams of conquering the trumpet as well! Did we miss anything? @autismmumsthrive (Instagram account), please let us know! 

Discover the extraordinary transferable skills Mimi has developed through her love for music, including socializing, taking turns, and attentive listening. Her attention to detail has blossomed, and she's become more adept at communicating her needs. With growing confidence and leadership skills, music has become a powerful tool for her to release anxiety and frustration. And that's just the beginning!

Tune in for an uplifting conversation that showcases the profound impact of music on Mimi's life and the countless benefits it brings to children like her.