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Small things done everyday can make a difference! I remember when my daughter wouldn’t have been able to say all 2 words, actually she could only mumble something that sounded like the words she wanted to say and we had to guess. I kept working with her 5-7 mins in the mornings and other 5-7 mins in the afternoon/evening and in just a few weeks her speech got better and she also enriched her vocabulary. I was singing musical games with her to improve her speech, even if she was not able to repeat the words after me or she was just making noises or 'aaaaahhhh' on the tune. It was her turn, her part to sing and she was doing it to the best of her abilities!  We wanted to help her with her speech because we knew how important it was.

It's about giving her a life skill to keep her safe so she could speak up when she needs to! So I developed a program for parents, teachers and professionals who work with young children and autistic children who need help with speech and language and you have now a little snippet from the ideas from the course.

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