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Autism Music Academy - A step-by-step strategic interventions system with music to effectively support your neurodiverse child - right NOW - to become more confident, communicate better, boost speech and language and release anxiety.

Is this webinar for you?

1. Yes, if your children:

  • are autistic; 
  • struggle with anxiety issues; 
  • have frequent meltdowns; 
  • have low self-esteem; 
  • lack confidence;
  • have a speech delay;
  • struggle with interaction and socialising;
  • need help to self-regulate.

        2. If you are a professional working with autistic children.

        3. If you work in nurseries or schools where children struggle with routines or have behaviour issues.

        4. If you are a speech and language therapist and are looking to use nursery rhymes more frequent in your sessions.

        I will talk about the theory behind musical games and why they are the best for engaging the whole brain of autistic children! Also, you will learn musical games that are easy to do, fun, engaging and make a difference in your daily routine, helps reduce anxiety and encourage communication.