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~5 Steps to Boost Speech with Musical Games~

Where did it all start?

We were worried about our daughter’s speech and we waited ages to get assessed and with the pandemic knocking at the door, she never got any speech and language therapy. Actually, at her assessment in October 2019 the SpL Therapist told us that it was ok for children aged 3 years old to speak only 1 or 2 basic words and that there was nothing to worry about!!! Even her cousin aged 2 was speaking more than her!

Back in February-March 2020, we were worried that she will go to school in September with her limited vocabulary and understanding and she can’t ask to go to the toilet. Or she can’t ask for water when she is thirsty or for a cuddle when she is sad. We were worried that if she gets hurt, she will end up crying alone on the playground as she couldn’t have said what had happened to her!!!

Why were we worried when a professional told us ot to worry?! Because I knew that if she misses her language skills, she will struggle in life. So, I started using music and singing strategies combined with speech and language strategies and the results came very quickly!


What is different now?

  • My daughter goes to school now and can ask for help if somebody hurts her.
  • She can tell a child who is playing rough: ‘I don’t like it, stop please!
  • She can tell me when she is anxious, nervous or not feeling well without me trying to read her mind.
  • We wanted to help her with her speech because we knew how important it was.
It’s about giving her a life skill to keep her safe!