Hello my friends!

Now, this is a ‘cameleon’ song :))
A song that can be transferred from the PSED area where you share feelings with your children about sharing and being nice to each other, to the EAAD area where (by only changing a line of the song) you make it into a Halloween song.
PSED: you can sing it for your children and then you can choose a child to hold the ‘basket’ with sweets and he/she can go along and share the sweets with his/her friends.

EAAD: Put a Halloween costume on
Change the line ‘Happy, happy sharing’ into ‘Happy happy Halloween’ and here it is: a new, simple Halloween song for your little ones!

One for you, one for me
Let’s share all of our candies,
Happy happy Sharing / Happy happy Halloween
One for you and one for me.

Here you are!
Thank you very much (You can have the children to reply it, so that you have interaction, if you want o make it into a singing game)

2 for you, 2 for me
let’s share all of my candies
Happy Happy sharing
2 for you and 2 for me

Here you are!
Thank you very much! (x2)

And so on, go up to whatever number you are comfortable with or your children what to count up to!

Have fun!



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