2 years +



Cut out a coloured paper circle and put some glue in the middle of it.


Take the egg shell, half. The egg shell has to be washed in advanced, sprayed with antibacterial spray and, of course, this activity if not recommended for children who are allergic to eggs. Place the half of the egg shell in the middle of your circle, on the top of the glue and teach your children to press hard on the shell until it starts breaking into small pieces and stick to the glue and the paper to create a mosaic-like effect. Talk about how are the mosaics looking like and the effect created by the little bumping shells. Let the children touch and feel the mosaic.



Decorate the mosaic at your own choice.

I squeezed PVA glue around the mosaic and glues some sunflower seeds and then i glued a flower in the middle.



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