Hello my friends!

From the time children are very young, they can enjoy rhymes and songs that have actions. Action rhymes that involve the whole body, or finger and hands, give an extra dimension by making them more memorable and contributing to the rhythmic quality of the experience as well as being fun to do together.

2 Little Hands is a nice, easy song to teach your children the function of some parts of your body. You can sing it just as it is, or you can add some other features, depending on the age range of your children. The song also reinforces that hands ARE  for clapping (not for hitting), arms ARE  for hugging (not pushing), etc.

For instance, you can add:

One little heart (and you point to where your heart is)

To beat, beat, beat, (tap your left chest side)

Beat, beat, beat,

Beat, bear beat.

One little brain (point to your brain)

To think, think, think

Think, think, think,

Think, think, think,


Have fun!



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