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Age range 3+

Thistles! What a unique experience for young children, especially children who haven’t got the opportunity to do trips at the countryside too often! You will see them at the beginning being not sure if they should touch the thistles or not and when they realize the spikes are not that spiky to hurt them, you can see how long they will examine them for with their hands and cheeks, giggling at their touch!

You can dip the thistle in the paint, but the way we choose to do it was to paint them and their stems with a brush and then to sprinkle some glitter on them. After that, we put them in a wooden cup to decorate our classroom. Every time a child passes by, he/she uses to say ‘I painted this thistle, isn’t it beautiful?’

The good news about thistles is that they last a very long time. You can collect them from the fields in Autumn and do activities with them the whole year round!



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