Teaching dance to young children is not about teaching dancers. It is about providing young children with an enjoyable foundation in the principles of dance movement and performance.

Early years practitioners have the distinct advantage of a working knowledge of the age group. They are good communicators with the age group and enjoy working with them. The confidence to teach dance is often lacking amongst those working in an early years setting because dance is considered to be a specialist subject and one which (incorrectly in my opinion) can only be taught by professionally trained and qualified dance teachers. However, early years children are not dancers: they are young children who enjoy music and movement, which feel so natural to them.

A dance sequence featuring a caterpillar can demonstrates the life cycle of the butterfly. A dance sequence featuring a
centipede in Africa making a journey to another country can provide information about the world. Using different shapes and colours as markers in a room to dance around can reinforce literacy and numeracy skills.

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