An English Traditional song that your little ones will enjoy to sing along. Nostalgic, happy tune, children simply join in, humming, from the first time i sing it to them.

You can transform it in a singing game following these simple steps:

– divide your class into 2 groups: boys and girls

– ask the girls (or the boys) to choose a partner and they will face their partners, few steps away

Рthe odd ones will be the bicycle (that takes the couple for a ride), make sure you have as many bicycles as couples

– play the singing game

Boys sing and act out their love:

Daisy, Daisy

Give me your answer do

I’m half crazy

All for the Love of you

(Girls come closer to their partner and give them their right hand)

It won’s be a fancy marriage¬†

I can’t afford a Carriage (the couples swing holding hands together)

But you’ll look sweet (the ‘bicycle’ child comes rolling his arms as if he rides a bike and each couple gets closer to the bicycle and have a ride around the classroom while singing the song again)

Upon a seat

Of a bicycle made for two!


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